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Many of us have discovered this region for one sport and remain blissfully unaware of the opportunities for other activities. We started coming here for kayaking and it was a number of years before we branched out into other sports. Throughout this web-site we have tried to show that this area is a true alpine playground; there is the opportunity to try almost any sport.

Nice accommodation, ideal for most sports around the area is available in Argentiere, Vallouiseand Briancon.

We have set out below a number of suggestions; not intending that they be followed but just to generate ideas.

Itiniary 1

A small group of keen outdoor enthusiasts with a high level of technical skills (e.g. class 4 paddlers) based in Vallousie or Briancon; early June when water levels are high

Day 1 Morning – mountain bike ride around the Onde to check the river is clear

– Paddle the Onde and then the Gyronde to the L’Argentiere slalom site

Afternoon – Rock climbing on L’Argentiere clock tower or in Ailefroide

Day 2 Morning -drive to end of road in the Claree valley and mountain bike back to Nevache.

Afternoon – Paddle the Clarée from Nevache down

Late afternoon/evening – Mellow out climbing in the Clarée valley a few km south of Pamplinet; possible barbeque.

Day 3 All day walk -Ailefroide

Day 4 Morning – Run the Middle Guil

Afternoon – Via ferrata at Tournoux near Puy and then mountain bike back to L’Argentiere

Day 5 Morning -Early Afternoon – Paddle the Durance from St Clement to Embrun

Afternoon – Catamaran sailing or windsurfing at the CNA in Embrun.

Day 6 Morning – Durance Gorge via ferata

Afternoon – Paddle the Durance Gorge

Early evening – Paddle the Gyr to Vallouise and mellow out afterwards at the Alphand bar.

Day 7 All day – Paddle the Ubaye

Late afternoon – Rodeo on the wave at Embrun

Day 8 On return journey consider stopping at the Hawaii wave on the Rhone at Lyon .

Itiniary 2

A small group of mellow outdoor enthusiasts (e.g. class 3 paddlers) based in Vallousie or Briancon late June

Day 1 On journey out spend a day at St Pierre de la Boeuf for warm water paddling

Day 2 Morning – Paddle Durance – Briancon to Prelles

Afternoon – Via ferrata above Briancon

Day 3 Morning – Clarée – Plamplinet down

Afternoon – Mountain bike Plamplinet to Briancon

Evening – Dine out in Old town Briancon

Day 4 Morning – Paddle the Onde

Afternoon – Via ferrata – Puy St Vincent – more of a gorge walk

Early evening – Descend from the Col du Pousterle to Les Vigneaux

Day 5 Morning – Paddle Lower Guil to Rabioux

Afternoon – Rock climbing at St Crepin or L’Argentiere

Day 6 Walking – Ailefroide

Day 7 Morning – Rabioux to Embrun

Afternoon – Sailing/windsurfing at C.N.A. Embrun

Day 8 Morning – Paddle the Gyronde Les Vigneaux to L’Argentiere slalom site

Afternoon – Canyon the Fournel.

Itinerary 3

A party of non paddlers with children, accompanying a group of paddlers and providing some shuttles.

Day 1 Morning – Drive up the Clarée and take a walk after road end in the high alpine meadows

Afternoon – Gentle mountain bike ride down part of the Clarée

Day 2 Morning – Alpine Garden at Col du Lauteret

Afternoon – Adventure Park – Villeneuve

Evening – Dinner in Briancon Old town

Day 3 Morning – Via Ferrata on the clock tower at L’Argentiere

Afternoon – Swimming at the Plan d’eau L’Argentiere or Roche de la Rame

Day 4 Morning – Visit Mont Dauphin

Afternoon – Sailing at the CNA sailing base at Embrun

Day 5 Morning -Visit the Silver Mines in the Fournel

Afternoon – Canyon the Fournel

Day 6 Morning- Puy St Vincent via Ferrata or High Ropes Course

Afternoon – Drive over Col de Pousterle to the Fournel Valley ; visit the Chardon Bleu at the head of the Fournel Valley
Mountain bike ride down the Fournel to L’Argentiere

Day 7 Morning – Visit St Veran

Afternoon – Visit Chateau Queyras

Day 8 Morning – Visit Embrun

Afternoon Relax around the Plan d’eau at Embrun or visit the marmottes at le Sauze du lac.

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