Snow Kiting

Snow kiting is a relatively new sport. The kite gives you the freedom to climb the valleys at least as fast as the ski lifts ; to travel across the flat areas with great speed and to do freestyle.

Snow kiting is an extreme adventure sport so you need to practice it with care and take particular note of the weather conditions. In our opinion the best snow kites are made by Ozone – These kites are made to a high quality and have a good depower system, essential for the variable wind conditions in the mountains and excellent safety releases.

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As it is also practiced outside the ski resorts you need to understand the snow conditions and avalanche risk and carry the correct equipment.

Snow kiting has to be practiced above the tree line and away fro m electricity lines! A popular place in the area for the skilled kiters is the Cod du Lauteret as it often generates its own thermals even if there is not much wind around. This site is best in the North West , South and Easterly winds. It does not work well in a North wind. For advice on wind conditions do visit .

The Col du Lautret is the site for the first stage of the Corona Winter Snow Kiting Tour, a freestyle competition, in early January , an event which attracts the best riders in the world You will see some amazing jumps; not only in terms of length of flight but also technical ability, with the best riders even able to do a double kite loop.

Kites however not only for freestyle jumps, but also for touring. With the right wind and snow conditions there are some amazing places for this; however a number of them require you to ski tour or shoe shoe (raquette) in.

We have practised snow kiting for over 4 years. Thomas is the best and has competed in the Corona Winter Tour Junior section for 3 years. Charlotte aged 11 is using a 3m Ozone 2005 Frenzy.

For beginners, or if there is a North wind, a good place is the flat area of le Casset, just above Monetier.

Other areas to practice include near Abries and Col de Manse (this works in a North wind, but is a very windy place so you will need a small kite).

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