Canyoning is a wonderful activity and one which can involve all the family. You descend a steep sided natural rocky gorge, sliding down natural slides; jumping into rock pools and where the drops are bigger abseiling surrounded by water.

The water in the Alps descends from glaciers and therefore it is essential to wear a full thick wetsuit and helmet. Children’s sizes can be difficult to get hold of and we have sometimes used kayaking wetsuits, supplemented by a cagoule and a buoyancy aid, especially if the water levels are high. Trainers and a helmet are essential.

The best accommodation for these canyons are Argentiere and Vallouise

There are 5 canyons readily accessible around here:

•  the Fournel canyon which descends to the silver mine

•  Eychauda canyon

•  Les Accles

•  Prareboul

•  La Biaisse

The Fournel is an excellent route. There is only one abseil but there are lots of water slides and jumps into plunge pools. Although the trip can be done in a couple of hours it can also take a lot longer as people return for multiple jumps and slides. By the time you finish descending the steep sided gorge; at one point the rivers drops though cliff faces of more than 100m, the warmth of the sunlight is most welcome.

Trips to these canyons can be booked through most of the rafting companies but also through the Guides des Ecrins

You can find more details about the canyons in this area by clicking here